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BBC Culture

The 2,000-year-old Wonder Women who inspired the comic

"Do you see the truth?" I reveal the Iranian roots of the US feminist Icon, Wonder Woman.


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It Bleeds, Then it Leads

There is beauty and resilience

in deconstruction for reconstruction. This is where “Dissolving Order” by Faig Ahmed enters the scene.


The Globe and Mail

How can we build trust in the workplace and correct imbalances of power?

What happens when trust turns into abuse of power and exploitation.



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The Province

Running teaches

students to persevere

in life

"I’m not going to run a marathon! Who’s going to run a marathon? That’s crazy!"

Sports and Society


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The ancient Persian way to keep cool

In the search for emissions-free cooling, the Persian "wind catcher"  could once again come to our aid.

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Vancouver Sun

Afro-Canadian Students U.S.-bound for election

Afro-Canadian students gear-up for a trip of a lifetime to witness history in the making.

Race and Social Justice