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BBC Culture

The real-life warrior women who inspired
the comic

The Iranian roots of the US feminist Icon, Wonder Woman, revealed.


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It Bleeds, Then it Leads

The beauty and resilience

in periods of pain. 

Culture and Art

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CBC News

As an Iranian-born woman, I haven't always felt like Canada is home

For many immigrant families, Canada has long held the promise of a better life. As

the child of Iranian immigrants, I question Canada's scope of inclusivity.



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The Province

Running teaches

students to persevere

in life

Bringing new meaning to the notion of running for your life.

Sports and Society


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The ancient Persian way to keep cool

In the search for emissions-free cooling, the Persian "wind catcher"  could once again come to our aid.


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Nike Journal / The New York Times

The Future of Breakdancing Is at
This Beach

The physics-defying moves from the whitewater shores of Senegal.

Sport and Environment